armageddon, against [T.C.] universities

I block out the T.C.-university-hierarchy, totally. Your T.C.-university title may only block you out of favor.

A few rare people have their public achievements, irrespective of their university titles.

For example, the late Esad Cosan (rh.a.), was a sufi sheikh, too. Although he kept using his "prof." title, probably that is not the cause of respect, of the people whose respects matter.

A few people who publish articles, or books, have (rarely known) titles, too, but they have not flagged that until now (in their article titles), and the content of their articles have no [direct] link to their academic field. Thus, that kind of achievement is thinkable self-made. Therefore, keepable.

I plan, for, a freeware of Media-tangle for facilitating formazing -- a free-form self-development.

Formazing without special software, is trivial, too. Gathering in your neighborhood, or with your MSN/Yahoo messaging groups, would go a long way. But having special software is convenient.

In contrast, the T.C.-university-(turkey)people may never be members of any group that I found, or moderate.

That "may never be" is in the sense of gravely-improbable. Not only I know few people that would count as exceptions, but I'm totally unwilling to evaluate new cases, too. While going through newspapers, or magazines, or (foreign) academic journals, if I notice that one of those who have written that, has a T.C. title, I skip that text, at most looking at the big-font (title/subtitle/display) text -- unless I'm looming there to track cases of plagiarism, or other wrong-doings of those.

cold turkey

I want to extend no middle ground, to the Y.Ö.K. servants. Their subordination there, makes those people null and void, for me. This manifest repulse, is a well-thought positioning, against the Y.Ö.K. caprices that has wasted the potentials of many. That lost time will not return, thus, the position I take, is permanent, too.

In the issue of med-ed, not allowing the Islamic female to continue/have medical education, is offensive toward their prospective patients -- presumably, a cause for the Islamic/conservative female patients to less likely to go to a doctor, unless in big need, or know female doctors.

Not all of the medical fields may be so sensitive to gender, but the cases that expect the patient to show her portions which she would not show in the middle of a street, are obviously sensitive.

Furthermore, the doctor kind, female-plus-Islamic would get extinct -- if students were not going abroad, thus circumventing Y.Ö.K. The issue of having Islamic doctors, is a point that people mind, if the issue is potentially contradicting some Islamic rule. In such cases, people want to make sure that what the doctor suggests is not because he/she is lax about Islamic concerns.

Kicking those students out, was not the need of medicine. Thus, the question that the female patient is made to face, is more of a systematically-obscene oppression, than medical.

T.C.-universities have been low in SCI/SSCI rankings, all the time. To make the case (for proving), that they are trivially neglectable, w.r.t. the world-wide knowledge, we may totally exclude even the shreds of what the T.C. universities would claim to have taught the world -- as Y.Ö.K. has advantages only toward the T.C. bureaucracy.

If your concern is about not letting that bureaucracy to totally get under the grips of people "unlike-yourself", then a T.C.-university is again, the wrong direction. If afraid of their becoming so evil, so abusive, then you should think to do tax-repositioning. That is, keeping your valuables out of the T.C. grip. That is the finest method I may suggest for keeping the democracy well, too -- because if people keep their resources abroad, state coups would not be so doable in T.C.

If your concern is about the job market, you have to keep tough when/if you are the boss, too. That is, by not hiring their insufficiently/coarsely "educated" students (& as time passes, stuck with their old-knowledge). Keep hiring from among the formazing, actively-developing minds.

rivalry vs. hierarchy

The level of T.C. universities, in the world, suggests that the system is no kind of an academic-success factory.

-- "thanks" to the existence of no rivalry, obviously. Tax-paying people should reflect.

Seems, we will help the T.C. tax-payer to get rid of the extra low-level people, if our rivalry will shrink the market of T.C. universities, because people would not want to waste their lives as "students" of incompetent people.

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